I am on YouTube!

Alright everyone, seeing as I was addicted to YouTube, I thought I’d address my addiction in a new way. Instead of going cold turkey and shutting down my Google account, I decided instead to start creating content on YouTube.

My channel Work Life Balance is now live and has been for about a month. I’m still trying to create a robust schedule that I can stick to with regards to uploading videos but three videos are now up, and a fourth is in the works. I’ll also be starting a second tech channel called Reality Tech which will provide insights and advice into the state of tech and how to get the best value tech out there.

Channel link below – please like subscribe and share if you can:


Why Apu Nahasapeemapetilon matters – a response from an Indian immigrant

*Trigger Warning* If you need a trigger warning, you’re a moron.

Right, so I’ve been moved strongly enough to write what I think about the whole Apu from Simpsons issue. And considering that I too am an Indian immigrant to the West, somehow that endows me with more special powers to talk about this, than someone who doesn’t share my background. Why? Because #identity reasons (apparently).

An Open Letter to the New Humanist magazine

Full disclosure and a bit of background – I am a long time subscriber of the New Humanist magazine. In their Autumn 2017 they published an article called “The Reality of Racism in Modern Britain”, which reviewed Reni Eddo-Lodge’s book “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race“. Click here to read the New Humanist review for yourself. I took issue with this review and wrote the following letter to the editors of the magazine.